Hey there!

I'm Hiro Mejia

I’m a UX Designer, based in Tokyo, Japan, who has a desire to create human-centric designs, and a passion for visual communication. I believe that great design understands humans very well, and starts with humans and ends with humans.

I grew up in a multi-cultural family and moved around experiencing different cultures. This has helped me gain a deep understanding about diversity, and the ability to empathize with different kinds of people.

My Career so far

My background includes a degree in Computer Science and experience as a QA Engineer, Solutions Consultant, and Infrastructure Engineer. From these experiences, I have been trained to look at problems from different perspectives, and to communicate effectively which would lead to successful problem resolutions.

I also have been with organizations that highly value their users when providing solutions, and I believe this principle etched in my personality would help me create user-focused designs. My creative bone telling me to follow my passion, and my desire to create socially impactful designs have led me to decide to pursue a career in UX design.

QA Engineering
Infrastructure Engineering
Cloud Solutions
Design Thinking
UX Design

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